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Data Science Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Napoleon Bonaparte


In the western Black Sea region, economic and established strategically in an effective area, Karabük University with 4 Faculties, 1 School and 2 Vocational School with on-site contain the 116 academic staff and 122 with the administrative staff and 4685 the number of students has started its teaching and research activities.

Karabük University, the establishment of which add to the site immediately after the close of the new units and plans to add in the future and be one of the country’s leading higher education institutions, aims to be recognized in the world.

Our university is currently 14 faculties, 4 institutes, 4 schools, 7 vocational schools and 9 which incorporates the research centers 902 academic staff, 437 continues with the administrative staff and its educational and research activities with 42 472 students.

About IDSEW’18

Data Mining and Research Center, which operates in Karabük University since 2013, is still operating as Data Analysis and Management Research Center. In the research center organization, International Data Science and Data Engineering (IDSEW’18) Workshop will be organized for the first time.

The purpose of IDSEW’18; increasing awareness of multidisciplinary issues such as big data, data mining and data engineering, as well as evolving technology, which now and nearly impact our future. In addition, it aims to encourage advanced studies and increase academic publications by bringing together academicians, researchers and students who are interested in the field.

More Details

About Team

Our Data Mining and Research Group, which has been operating in Karabük University since 2013, currently operating as a Data Analysis and Management Research Center. We are a team of volunteer students who are willing to work and research. Purpose of this team is improve ourselves about data analysis and to increase the availability of these methods. Although we’re technically still very young, we already had the pleasure of helping some great organizations.

Investigation of Social Perception of Disabled People in Karabük and Safranbolu (2015)

KARDEMİR Employee Satisfaction Survey (2014)

KARDEMİR Society Perception Research (2014)

Investigation Intolerance of Uncertainty of University Students (2014)

KARDEMİR Society Perception Research (2013)

Prof. Dr. Refik POLAT, Karabuk University, Rector

Prof. Dr. Filiz ERSÖZ

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Taner ERSÖZ


Ömer Faruk ACAR

Cemal CİCİ

Gizem ACAR


Fatmagül ÇELİK



Prof. Dr. Patrick De CAUSMAECKER

Prof. Dr. Necmi GÜRSAKAL

Prof. Dr. Şeref SAĞIROĞLU

Prof. Dr. Filiz ERSÖZ

Workshop Topics List

  • Data Science

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

  • Scientific Data Management

  • Business Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Data Engineering

  • Information Technology and Society

  • Data Discovery

  • Data Science for Modern Manufacturing

  • Big Data Analytics and Metrics

  • Cloud Computing

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Hadoop and Spark Performance for Enterprise

  • High Performance Computing Methods

  • Data Integration, Metadata Management and Interoperability

  • Data Visualization and Interactive Data Exploration

  • Information Extraction, Data Cleaning, Data Quality

  • Industrial and Engineering Applications

  • Data Science for Modern Manufacturing

  • Industrial and Engineering Applications

  • Social Networks


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